Design scheme of polymer TWS Bluetooth headset battery

With the popularity of smart phones and the maturity of Bluetooth wireless solutions, wearable products are booming. The most significant growth in the market in recent years is TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset, which has the trend to replace the traditional cable headset. The left and right headphones of TWS headset can work independently without wiring connection. Listening to music, talking and wearing body feeling are much better than traditional headphones, The small size and multi-function of TWS headset also have higher requirements for the internal chip. Rt9426 provides a complete electricity meter solution for TWS Bluetooth headset, so that TWS can have more excellent performance in electricity detection accuracy, energy consumption, chip packaging, battery life time, cost and users' experience of battery power.

Design requirements

The miniaturization, portability and long-term use of TWS wireless Bluetooth headset will have the following technical requirements for the electricity meter:

  • 01 The product is small in size and requires high energy density.
  • 02 Smaller IC package, simpler external circuit and higher integration.
  • 03 Lower energy consumption and longer service time.
  • 04 For small capacity batteries, it can have more accurate power estimation and battery health detection.
  • 05 Carry it with you and require high security.
TWS Bluetooth headset battery design scheme

A set of TWS headphones contains three batteries, one in the charging box and two in the left and right headphones. These batteries not only have different characteristics, but also have relatively small battery capacity. Only through more accurate voltage and current detection and accurate power calculation of the electricity meter can we provide users with correct power information, inform users of the remaining service time, and decide when to use and charge, At the same time, accurate power calculation can also completely release the energy of the battery and prolong the service time of the battery.

Cathode Material
Cathode material large particle lithium cobalt oxide coated on the surface and doped with transition metal elements are selected to ensure the structural stability during the cycle.
Negative Electrode Material
Negative electrode material the high-end artificial graphite system is adopted, and the reasonable bet range is selected to ensure the first efficiency and improve the cycle characteristics at the same time.
Electrolyte the unique electrolyte formulation technology improves the film formation on the surface of the positive and negative electrodes, the battery voltage is stable, and the battery voltage drop is controlled at 2mV every day, taking into account the requirements of low temperature and high temperature.
Diaphragm it is adopted to standardize the porosity and pore size distribution. At the same time, a ceramic layer is coated on the surface of the diaphragm to improve the safety performance and cycle performance.
Product Display

Product appearance drawings (sealed with aluminum-plastic film, various specifications of products can be customized for customers)

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