Design scheme of large smoke electronic smoke lithium ion battery

As a new type of smoking cessation and control product, e-cigarette consists of three parts: cigarette rod, atomizer and cigarette bomb. The playability and cool of big smoke e-cigarettes make them have many fans. They require large batteries, large power supply current and large output. Therefore, batteries built into cigarette poles are the largest part of electronic incense. Most e-cigarettes use primary lithium ion batteries or secondary lithium-ion batteries. Batteries are the main energy supply body of e-cigarettes, The quality of the product directly determines the user's sense of experience.

Design requirements

The special large smoke electronic cigarette depends on the battery for power supply and normal operation. The requirements for the battery are as follows:

  • 01 Good safety.
  • 02 Excellent discharge rate performance.
  • 03 The capacity is generally 500-3000mah, 3-20a discharge, and can keep smoking at 300-1000 ports.
  • 04 Low self discharge.
  • 05 Long cycle life.
Design scheme of electronic cigarette battery
Cathode Material
Cathode material the surface coated lithium cobaltate material is selected, the secondary particles ensure good performance output, and the doping of trace rare elements is adopted to ensure the structural stability during the cycle.
Negative Electrode Material
Negative electrode material the high-end artificial graphite system is adopted, and the reasonable bet range is selected to ensure the first efficiency and improve the cycle characteristics at the same time.
Electrolyte the unique electrolyte formulation technology improves the film formation on the surface of the positive and negative electrodes, the battery voltage is stable, and the battery voltage drop is controlled at 2mV every day, taking into account the requirements of low temperature and high temperature.
Diaphragm it is adopted to standardize the porosity and pore size distribution. At the same time, a ceramic layer is coated on the surface of the diaphragm to improve the safety performance and cycle performance at the same time.
Product Performance
  • Excellent fast charging performanceExcellent fast charging performance
  • Excellent fast charging performanceExcellent cycle charge discharge performance
Product specifications

sealed with aluminum-plastic film, various specifications of products can be customized for customers

Product specifications


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